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Alternative Dispute Resolution

​Businesses often issue contracts to clients, employees, and partners with mediation or arbitration clauses in them because alternative dispute resolution is less time-consuming and costly.

In North Dakota, the Supreme Court has a specific process in place which provides guidance on who may serve as a Qualified Neutral Mediator in civil cases. Keep in mind, civil cases include family law cases including divorce and child custody, cases involving disputes over farmland, and other cases. If you are uncertain if you need the assistance of a mediator, feel free to contact us and let us know what type of dispute you are involved in and we can answer your questions.

We understand the value in dealing with cases without having to go to court and litigate most matters. In fact, litigation by nature is a contentious process which inevitably ends with one party “winning” and one “losing”. When a dispute is settled through mediation, in most cases, each party gets something they want while each party also loses a little. This often allows the involved parties to walk away from the table feeling good and allows for a healthier relationship between them after the fact. When you need a mediator in North Dakota, contact Conroy Legal Services at our Bottineau, ND.