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Oil and Gas Rights

When your property contains oil and gas, you will have numerous challenges you must face. Some of these include rights and exploration, interests and leasing, and compliance with regulations. We understand how challenging these issues can be and we understand how important it is to protect your rights during any negotiation.

Not only can we help landowners ensure their rights are protected, but we also work with them to provide protection for their family members. While you may not think about what happens when you assign or lease rights to others, these agreements may have an impact on your heirs. We can help make sure your estate plan is updated to reflect agreements you may have with others to explore or drill on your property.

Since regulations pertaining to drilling and exploration are constantly changing, there is often a need for property owners to consult with someone who stays up to date on the rules. This is one of the many reasons why so many property owners rely on Conroy Legal Services. Since we work with clients in the oil and gas industry on a regular basis, we pride ourselves on staying current on local, state, and federal regulations.

If you need help with any issue pertaining to oil and gas rights, permitting issues, or regulatory issues in North Dakota, contact Conroy Legal Services today and let us help. Our offices are in Bottineau, ND but we provide oil and gas legal services across the state.