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Civil Litigation

Disputes can arise between landlords and tenants, a contractor and client, or between insurance companies and an accident victim. In some instances, these cases can be resolved amicably but in other cases, it may be necessary to take the matter to court. When court seems to be the only answer, you will need a North Dakota civil attorney to help you with the required filings, and to represent your interests in court.

We have assisted clients who need help with matters pertaining to foreclosure and eviction proceedings. Attempting to deal with these matters without the advice of an experienced attorney can mean a slower, more costly process. Various laws offer consumers protections which you should be aware of before beginning such proceedings.

Consumers who feel that due to construction defects at their property they were unnecessarily placed in danger may have the right to sue for financial damages. Whether a construction defect is impacting the use of a property or causing an unsafe condition, we can help you hold the contractor, or subcontractor liable for their carelessness.

When a property owner files an insurance claim, they anticipate the insurance company will act in good faith and pay the claim. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you are facing challenges in getting your insurance company to hold up their end of the contract, let us help.

Financial losses are difficult to overcome and can put your family, and your business in jeopardy. You should not suffer a financial loss because of a third party and if you do, we are here to help. Contact Conroy Legal Services regardless of where you are in North Dakota and let us help you get your civil legal matters resolved.